Pampering facial for fresh glowing skin. An all over exfoliating taste of chocolate or cranberry treatment with full body steam for silky smooth skin and concluding with a full body relaxing massage. 2 hours


European Deep-Cleansing Facial for the battle of break-outs or blemished skin diminish. Followed by a full body mud mask with a steamf for deeper penetration of product, and concluding with a full-body relaxing massage. 3 hours

The Ionic Cell Cleanse , A full-body purge of accumulated quantities of waste products, great for poor dieters. The ionic cell cleanse concludes with a full-body deep-tissue massage for stress reduction. 
1 hour 30 minutes

A Gentleman' Facial (shaving prior to facial is recommended) execute steam and eucalyptus aroma concluding with a full-body massage, to de-stress.   
1 hour 30 minutes